Film Group is a series of films that encompasses the broad variety of movies that are generally not mainstream releases. Other terms used to describe this genre of film product are: independent, art, international.

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Arnprior Program

Renfrew Program
The Glass Castle
Rating A14
Showtimes Sunday, November 26 3:45 PM  Wednesday, November 29 7:30 PM  
Running Time 127 mins
Actors Brie Larson, Naomi Watts, Woody Harrelson
Director Destin Daniel Cretton

Based on Jeannette Walls’ highly acclaimed and best-selling memoir, The Glass Castle follows the successful writer’s life as she reflects on the unconventional and frequently impoverished upbringing she and her siblings experienced while growing up with their chaotic and dysfunctional, but ultimately lov­ing parents.
Along with her siblings Lori (Sarah Snook, The Dressmaker), Brian (Iain Armitage, Captain Fantastic’s Charlie Shotwell, and Josh Caras), and Maureen (Eden Grace Redfield, Captain Fantastic’s Shree Crooks, and Brigette Lundy-Paine), Jeannette (Chandler Head, Ella Anderson, and Room’s Brie Larson) leads a non-traditional but tight-knit family life with her parents Rex (Woody Harrelson, The Edge of Seventeen; TV’s True Detective) and Rose Mary (Naomi Watts, Demolition; While We’re Young). Embracing a life of adventure and self-directed learning, Rex and Rose Mary move their family frequently around to differ­ent cities in Arizona and California. However, as their children grow older and more aware of the debt and broken relationships chasing their parents from place to place, the won­der of their nomadic lifestyle begins to fade. With their family life growing increasingly unstable, due in large part to Rex’s alcoholism and inability to maintain meaningful work, Jeannette and her siblings begin to imagine a more traditional and independent life of their own, away from their parents’ chaotic influence.
At once adventurous and heartfelt, The Glass Castle tests the strength of family bonds against individual ambitions and identities, and explores the complexities of negotiating parent-child relationships as children mature into adults. Deftly adapted and directed by Destin Daniel Cretton (Short Term 12), the emotional resonance of Jeannette Walls’ widely loved memoir is unmistakably present in its long-awaited film adaptation.
The Other Side Of Hope (Toivon tuolla puolen)
Rating PG
Showtimes Sunday, December 10 3:45 PM  Wednesday, December 13 7:30 PM  
Running Time 100 mins
Actors Ville Virtanen, Tommi Korpela, Kati Outinen
Director Aki Kaurismäki
Country FINLAND/GERMANY, 2017 w/ English subtitles

Returning with his first feature in six years since his Film Circuit arthouse favourite Le Havre, Finnish master Aki Kaurismäki (The Man Without a Past) delivers what can be considered the second chapter of his Port Cities Trilogy. In his distinctive anachronistic, yet tonally rich style, Kaurismäki paints the unlikely bond between a Syrian refugee and a middle-aged menswear salesman.
Khaled (newcomer Sherwan Haji) worked as a mechanic in Aleppo before fleeing in a coal ship container and accidently landing on the shores of Helsinki. He emerges from his hid­ing place covered head to toe in black dust, an alien in an unfamiliar town. Wikstrom (Sakari Kuosmanen, The Man without a Past), deeply unsatisfied with his life, leaves his prickly, alcoholic wife and offloads his remaining stock of men’s shirts to fund a career change. After taking a risk at a high-stakes poker game, Wikstrom is presented with a new breath of life that eventually connects and collides both men in an unpredictable friendship.
Winner of the Silver Bear for Best Director at this year’s Berlinale, The Other Side of Hope demonstrates the height of Kaurismäki’s auteurial form. Deftly mixing tragedy and wry humour, Kaurismäki builds a story of an unlikely community coming together under difficult circumstances. This idiosyncratic fable on the refugee crisis could not be more humane and timely.

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