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Another Closure!
Showtimes Fri 5:00 PM Sat 5:00 PM Sun 5:00 PM
Synopsis Effective Wednesday January 5th, the O'Brien Theatre-Arnprior will be closed for movies due to the latest Provincial health orders. We will however be open for Popcorn and snack-bar treats, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 5 to 8PM. Help us pay the bills by buying delicious popcorn!
Starting January 31st, 2022
Showtimes Fri 5:00 PM Sat 5:00 PM Sun 5:00 PM
Synopsis In Arnprior, Starting Monday January 31, we'll have Spider-Man No Way Home for just 4 days. See it now for the last time on the big screen! We'll also be opening The Matrix Resurrections, which will play daily until Thursday February 3rd. Also startin January 31, We'll be open daily at 5PM for Take-Out Popcorn treats and Drinks. You do not require any Vaccine passport to get Take-Out Snackbar, but the Provincial QR Code and ID will be required to watch the movie!
We are Open for Popcorn and Treats!
Showtimes Fri 5:00 PM Sat 5:00 PM Sun 5:00 PM
Synopsis Please note that we are open for Popcorn and Treats to-go! 5PM to 8PM nightly in Renfrew. 5PM to 8PM Thursday to Sunday in Arnprior. Starting January 31st, We will be playing movies, starting nightly at 7:30, but we will continue to open the doors at 5PM in both Arnprior and Renfrew, to sell popcorn to go! We cannot sell popcorn, treats or drinks to patrons going into the movie, but will be available on the way out!

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